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Should I have a plan?


It can help you exercise routine if you set goals for yourself. Make sure your goals are reasonable though, because if not it can just put more stress on you.

What can exercise do for me?

Overall Health

Exercising can improve your overall health. It can give your more energy, make your heart stronger, help you sleep better, make you happier, control your weight, and improve you self-esteem

How should a breath?


You should never hold your breath when your exercising. You need to breath out and breath in. Counting outloud will help you breath correctly.

What does warms ups do?


You should always warm up before exercise, this will help prevent injuries. After exercise you should cool down for at least five to ten minutes, this will allow your heart and muscles to relax.

What if I get bored exercising alone?

Buddy System

If you get bored real easily when you exercise or don't like to exercise by yourself, try finding a close friend or family member that would be will to exercise with you. You both can be a great encouragement to each other.

What are some ideas for exercising?

Walk A Dog

If you feel up to it consider taking your dog on a walk. It not only gives your dog a workout, but you too. If you don't have a dog, consider walking a good neighbor's or friend's dog.

What can exercise do for me?

Overall Health

Exercise is very important to your overall health. Exercise can do many great things for your body,like:
Give you more energy.
Help you sleep better.
Make you happier.
Make your heart stronger.
Help control your weight.
There are also many other benefits.

When do I know if I am overdoing it?

Overdoing It

When exercising it is very important that you never overdo it. When your body starts becoming tired or if your body starts hurting you need to stop immediately.

Is movement good for my joints?


Movement is really good for your joints. Exercise can keep your joints moving and it may even prevent further joint damage.

What are some ideas for exercising?

Wash Your Car

Most people don't realize that there are many ways of exercising and most you do on a regular basis. Consider washing your car for the exercise. It is a great workout, because it involves bending and stretching. Be careful and don't over-do it.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Comfortable Clothing

When you exercise you should always wear clothes that are comfortable. The clothes should not be to tight and you should be dressed in clothes that are according to the weather. You also need to wear good shoes that give your feet and ankles the proper support you need.

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