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Should I check with my doctor before take new medications?

Nonprescription Medications

If you are taking prescription arthritis medication you should always check with your doctor before taking any nonprescription medications. There might be drug interactions you don't know about.

How can I make taking medication easier?


Keep a bottle of Tylenol or other type of medication that helps pain, by your bed. That way if you ever wake up and are in so much pain you can't stand it, you will have the pills right there. You should also keep a bottle of water by your bed.

When do I need to quit what I am doing?

Knowing When To Stop

Whenever you are participating in an activity or doing everyday things and you start having real bad pains, that is a sign to stop. You need to either stop and rest or just quit it. If the pain gets worse, you need to contact your doctor immediately.

How can I make swallowing pills easier?

Swallowing Problems

There are lots of people who have problems swallowing pills. Here is a method that might help. It is called the two-sip method. Hold the pill in your teeth and take two quick sips of water. With the first sip, just swallow the water, but with the second sip, swallow the pill.

How can I make taking medication easier?

Generic Medications

If your having problems affording your medication, ask your physician or pharmacist about a generic brand. They will still help you just as much as the other, but won't cost you as much.

How can I take control?

A Positive Attitude

Your mind plays a very important role in how you feel. If you tell yourself that you don't feel good, then you won't. You have to keep a positive attitude. Don't let your pain take control of your life. If you try to build your life around your wellness instead of the pain, you will be a lot better off. Have a sense of humor, and don't forget to smile.

How should I take pain medication?

Pain Medicine

If you are in lots of pain, your doctor might be able to write you a prescription for a controlled pain medication. Even though pain medicine can be very helpful when you are in pain, try to not take too much of it. Pain medicine is very easy to get addicted to.

How can I make taking medication easier?

Do As Told

Always take the right dose of medication on the prescribed schedule, and always take the full course of medication. Never change anything without talking to your doctor.

What are some ways I can help the pain of arthritis?

Hot Tubs

Many people with arthritis benefit from the warmth of water. Hot tubs are a great way to help the pain of arthritis. Not only the warmth, but also vibration of the water is a great source of pain relief. Check with your local YMCA to find a public hot tub in your area or you may even want to consider purchasing one, it would be a great investment.

How can I make taking medication easier?

Weekly Holders

If you take many different types of medication, consider buying a weekly pill holder. They can help you not forget and take too much. Every Sunday, refill the holder.

What can I do to get pain off my mind?


Sometimes it is hard to forget about how much you are in pain, but you have to try your hardest not to dwell on it. If you constantly think about how much you are in pain then it's not going to get better. Try to find something to distract you, like a hobby, or going somewhere. Try to focus your mind on something besides your pain and trust me you will feel better.

How can I make taking medicine safer?

Medication Labels

When taking over the counter medication, such as Tylenol, aspirin, or any other medicine you can buy without a prescription you need to always read the label very carefully. It is important that you take the amount the label says and you should also make sure how many hours you should leave between dosages. If you know what the label says it more likely that you won't over drug yourself.

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