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Is chocolate unhealthy?

Will Chocolate Affect My Arthritis?

There are different types of arthritis, with different causes and factors which can improve or worsen the condition. Some persons believe that eating foods such as caffeine, chocolate, red wine, sugar, dairy products and red meats can make your arthritis worse.

According to Arthritis Magazine and, as with any medical condition, certain foods, activities and medications affect each person differently.

Some people have demonstrated a sensitivity to caffeine, chocolate and red wine, which adversely affects their arthritis, while others do not appear to have any trouble consuming these foods. Studies cannot rule out the placebo effect - thinking that not eating the food will make you better, in fact, DOES make you better.

You may wish to try removing certain foods from your diet, one food at a time, to see if there is any change in your arthritis. Then you can definitely decide whether or not chocolate is unhealthy for you and your type of arthritis.

Does weight effect my arthritis?


If you have arthritis, it is very important that you maintain a healthy weight. If you gain to much weight, it can put more pressure on your bones and joints and cause more arthritis problems.

What foods are good for you?


A lot of people don't know this, but oregano is a powerful disease fighter. Oregano has higher antioxidant power than most veggies, fruits, and spices. Try incorporating oregano into your everyday diet. Sprinkle it on omelets, salads, pizza, pastas, and whatever else sounds yummy.

Can alcohol effect my arthritis?


If you consume more than two alcoholic drinks a day, you could be causing more problems than you know. Alcohol weakens your bones and can increase your chances of getting osteoporosis. Try to drink alcohol in moderation.

How can I make planning meals easier?

Planning Your Meals

Try planning your meals at the beginning of each week and also make your grocery list out at the same time.

What if I have no appetite?

No Appetite

Some medications and illnesses such as arthritis can cause no appetite. It is very important that you get the proper vitamins and nutrients. If you are having problems eating talk to you doctor and consider asking your doctor about Ensure. It is a high-calorie nutritional supplement drink that is easy to drink and has a variety of flavors.

How can I make meal praparation easier?

Pre-sliced Breakfast Items

Buy english muffins and bagels that are already pre-sliced.

What can I do for dinner if I am tired and in pain?

Frozen Dinners

On nights that you are tired and hurting real bad, just pop some frozen dinners in the oven. Doing this will help you save energy and not make your pain any worse. Just add some fresh fruit and bread and you have a complete, satisfying meal.

How can I make meal preparation easier?

Pre-prepared Breakfast Items

When buying breakfast items consider buying the ones that are already pre-prepared like, waffles, pancakes, muffins, etc. Cereal, pop-ups, and instant hot cereals are also good. These items will save you time and they are easy to fix. These kinds of food items are good, because most people with arthritis are usually the stiffest in the early mornings.

How can I make meal praparation easier?

Kitchen Gadgets

To save on energy, use kitchen gadgets like can openers, food processors, microwave, etc. It will make meal preparation easier and save you time.

Why should I eat a variety of foods?


Eating a variety of foods is very important to the well-being of your arthritis. A good diet includes some choices from each of the five food groups. Avoid foods that can interact with your medication.

How can a keep from having to cut and slice foods?

Convenience Foods

If you have trouble slicing and cutting foods, be on the look out at the grocery store for pre-cut foods like vegetables and meats that are already cut and sliced. Also, if you decide you want salad, buy the salad that's already fixed in the bag.

What can I do to make meal preparation easier?

Rest Breaks

If you get tired very easily, make sure you take rest breaks during meal preparation. Even if it's just sitting down for 15 minutes or so. It's very important that you don't get overtired.

What foods could have an effect on my arthritis?


Coffee and sodas are a part of a lot of people's daily routines. What a lot of people with arthritis doesn't know, is that caffeine isn't good for your arthritis. Large amounts of caffeine may irritate your arthritis symptoms and make them a whole lot worse. If you think this might me happening to do, consider talking to your arthritis doctor about this and ask him if there are any other foods that could irritate your arthritis.

What do I do if I am thinking about changing my diet?

Changing Your Diet

If you are thinking about changing your diet, it is very important that you talk to your doctor first. You may even want to think about seeing a dietitian.

How can I make meal preparation easier?

Microwave Ovens

Whenever possible use microwave ovens. They will save you time and energy. You can cook a variety of food items in the microwave.

How can I make meal praparation easier?

Heavy Milk Cartons

When buying milk or other beverages that are in those big, heavy, plastic containers, consider buying the smaller containers that are easier ro carry and handle. Or you might want to have someone empty it into a smaller container that your hands will let you open and handle.

What foods are good for you?


Chocolate is full of disease fighting antioxidants. Chocolate also doesn't raise your cholesterol. So enjoy your chocolate and remember with every bite your fighting heart disease and cancer. Just remember though, don't over do it, because too much of a good thing is sometimes bad and can be too much.

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