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How can I make going to the doctor easier?

Comfortable Clothing

Going to the doctor can be stressfull enough without feeling uncomfortable. Try wearing clothes that you are going to feel comfortable in, like a pair of sweatpants or t-shirt. Also, it is probably a good idea to wear shoes that are comfortable and easy to get off and on in case the doctor wants to check your feet.

How can I make going to the doctor easier?


On a recipe card, write down all the medications you take, their strength, and how much you take. You might also want to write down any medications that you are allergic to on the back of the recipe card. You can keep this card in your purse and you will have it anytime you go to a doctor.

How can I make going to the doctor easier?

Making Appointments

When setting up doctor appointments, try to make them at the time of day that you feel your best. Some people with arthritis feel better in the afternoon, so if you do, make it in the afternoon. If you feel better in the mornings, make the appointment in the morning.

How can I make going to the doctor easier?

Refills On Medication

Before you go to the doctor, check all your medications and see if you need any refills. Make a list of the medications you need and their strengths. If you add the strengths to the medication, this will save him from having to search through your records to find it. That way all you have to do is hand the doctor the list and he can write the prescriptions. This will save you and the doctor time.

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