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What if I have trouble bathing?

Long-Handled Sponges And Brushes

If you have back problems, or if you have trouble bending or reaching, try using one of those long-handled bath brushes or sponges to wash hard-to-reach places.

What can I do if I can´t get comfortable?

Body Pillows

Sometimes, I have problems getting comfortable, so I bought a body pillow. It is a very long pillow. I find it very useful, when I am hurting, to put the bottom part in between my legs, and the top part under my head. It is also useful for people who like cuddling, but don't have anybody to cuddle.

What can I do with my spices?


It is easier to store spices down in a drawer, rather then up high. Also, put them in alphabetical order. Or, if you don't have a drawer to put them in, you can buy an inexpensive spice rack that can sit on the cabinet. Sometimes, you can even find ones that rotate.

What can I do to make by tub less slippery?

Rubber Mats

When the bathtub becomes wet, it can become very slippery and may cause you to slip. Consider buying a rubber mat to put in your tub. You still have to be careful, though, and make sure you clean your mat every once in a while; soap can build up and cause it to be more slippery.

What do I need to keep by my bedside?

In Case Of An Emergency

In case of an emergency, keep a flashlight, some matches, and a candle by your bedside. Also, you should keep a pair of shoes to protect your feet in case there is broken glass.

What if it is hard for me to reach up?

Cabinet Space

If you have cabinets in your bathroom, it can sometimes be hard to reach the top shelves. Talk to your family, or whomever you share a bathroom with, and see if you can keep your bathroom items in the lower shelves and let them have the high shelves.

What can I do to my shower doors on my bathtub?

Shower Doors

If you have one of those old-time shower doors on your bathtub, consider taking it off. Sometimes, it is hard for people with arthritis to open them. If you take it off, you can always put a shower curtain up in its place.

How can I make home chores easier?

Long-Handled Cleaning Tools

Whenever possible, use long-handled cleaning tools to avoid straining your hands. You can buy long-handled cleaning devices at any variety store.

How can I make home chores easier?


Dusting can be real hard on your hands if you have arthritis. Take a sock and put some furniture polish on it. Put the sock on over your hand and keep your fingers straight and wipe the furniture.

How can I make home chores easier?

Scrubbing The Floors

If you have arthritis in your knees, it can be hard to scrub the floors. Use a partially filled hot-water bottle to kneel on.

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