Keeping Your Medication Cold

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I take a medication that needs to be refrigerated daily. I am planning a trip to Europe and need to know what I can buy for keeping my medication cool throughout my stay. There will be no refrigerator in the room.

Keeping Your Medication Cold

There are portable refrigeration devices that would meet your needs, and that could make the trip with you, due to their small size and portability.

The one that I think would best meet your travelling refrigeration needs is the Engel 15 Portable Freezer. It provides for both freezing and refrigeration options and runs on a 12-volt battery or 110 household current. It is used by EMS/Ambulance personnel and Public Health Nurses to maintain proper temperatures for medications and cold packs, as well as for personal medications when camping, boating or travelling.

The specs are as follows:

Model Number MRFD-015D-A

Volume 14 Qts - Capacity 21 (12 oz) cans

Inside Dims (Inches) 13.75 x 7.5 x 7.5

Outside Dims (Inches) 17 x 11 x 14.5

Freezing Ability From zero to 80 degrees

Variable Temp Control

Weight 23.5 Lbs

Shoulder Strap

Refrigerant Gas Type CFC Free 134A

Power Input DC12V - 3.9A

Power Cord 9' detachable

Fuse 10A Thermal

Warranty 1 year

It is available through the dealer - Engel - or through other distributors on the Internet, such as The Cellar Store.



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