Finding Arthritis Products

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Finding Arthritis Products

There are a variety of different products that aid in the treatment of arthritis, including oral medications, topical treatments and adaptive equipment devices that assist with tasks of daily living, such as pulling on socks and managing buttons.

The type of arthritis that you have - osteoarthritis, spondyloarthropathy or rheumatoid - will impact the type of treatments and products that you need, as these different types of arthritis have some different symptoms and management guidelines.

Pain management interventions can include:

- pain medication patches (Fentanyl)

- NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-

inflammatory medications - Naprosyn)

- narcotics (Morphine)

- steroids (Prednisone)

- topical anesthetic patches


- heat packs or ice packs

- massage, PT or OT

- over the counter analgesics (Tylenol)

Life management products can include:

- button aides

- sock aides

- velcro shoes

- splints or other positioning devices

for your hands

- kitchen utensils with oversized


- electric can-openers and other

utility kitchen aides

Natural remedies can include:

- capsicum cream or patches

- herbal moist packs

- warm baths with mineral salts


I suggest seeing a Rheumatologist who can help to determine the type of arthritis you have, and the best way to approach treatment.



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